Appreciation thread

(Ozumcan Demir) #144

Many thanks to @StudioNelle for helping me with my very first sewing project. Thanks to her I have an eye mask :blush:

(Chanelle) #145

Your welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

(electrotech) #146

thanks to @Jonty_Bottomley for making a smart phone holder for my laptop. yay small star trek screen while i ‘work’.

(Daniel Sikar) #147

Thanks @boldaslove and @Jonty_Bottomley for help with table top much appreciated

NB it is the one on left :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
PS Sorry forgot to sweep after me and left scraper in between sharpening “tiles” in plastic crate - will rectify ASAP

(RobertL) #148

I absolutely love the space and EVERYONE in it, especially those I disagree with on certain contentious issues :heart_eyes:

I’m so grateful and happy that you’ve all pulled together, through some tough times I’m sure, to build the best, most creative and inspirational space that I’ve ever seen in London or anywhere else for that matter.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

(RobertL) #149

Morris (promptly forgot your name on here sorry)
For your determination in sorting the electronic parts into labelled drawers despite some hindrance :wink:

@Jonty_Bottomley for helping almost everyone whilst performing magic with various bits of wood

@lewisss for his work on an advanced woodshop air filter system

(Tom Newsom) #150

@electronoob - and yes it’s a damn fine job he’s done :slight_smile:

(David Southworth) #151

I haven’t read through all 147 posts on this thread but skimmed enough to work out that it’s a general thanks thread. So my 2 penn’orth:
I would like to give a hearty thanks to all members that were at the space last Wednesday evening for being so friendly and welcoming to an outsider, a non member, me (David)
I visited last open evening to see what it is all about and have been buzzing ever since !
I am watching the space 2 discussion with great interest and my friend Jon, who lives in Croydon, and is a fellow maker (furniture, polished concreter, and damned nice fellow, whose garden and tools (no access to workshop) and expertise I use to help me in my making) and I would be VERY interested in helping set it up !

(Calum Galleitch) #152

Big thanks to @Beth for Tuesday’s lathe induction - I know these inductions are much more than just an hour or two of talking at people and the time and effort that goes into these is very much appreciated.

(RobertL) #153

Would be good to meet because I’m in Croydon with enough tools, etc to make a mini makerspace

(Andy Sanderson) #154

Re: reflow oven- I second this shout out! I was able to join this excellent knowledge transfer as well, much appreciated! Thanks @Courty

(Daniel Sikar) #155

Thanks to the person who donated the jigsaw which trickled down to me via snug clearout - happily added to my home tools:

(Dean Forbes) #156

Thank you for the help given to me by @Robin_B with the 3DP and support by both @Robin_B and @joh.pic in the staffelrelais

(Johanna Pichlbauer) #157

thanks so much @deanforbes for the beautiful brass bits!! :heart_eyes:

(Johanna Pichlbauer) #158

aaand thanks @Jonty_Bottomley for your noble effort to get me to make my own wooden balls…

(Tim Shakespeare) #159

Thanks @Jonathan for running the laser cutter induction I attended a few weeks back, I’ve used it a few times now, most recently making a set of coasters with brain images engraved that stack up to make a cool 3d-like effect. And thanks @RichM for sharing the idea! I think these are really cool but that might just be because I’m a bit of a brain geek :brain:

(Doug Hammond) #160

Thanks to whomever sorted and labelled all the electronics parts drawers. I found 4 nice little rubber feet yesterday perfect for my project :smile:

(electrotech) #161

awesome :smiley:

(Ross Zeibari) #162

Thanks to @Jonty_Bottomley for helping @Clix and I use the thicknesser today. Really appreciate your help, and enjoyed our group effort.

(Dean Forbes) #163

Thank you to the impromptu personal mentoring session on Fusion 360 by @laurent_muchacho it is appreciated you filled in some basic gaps and shared a few "master class " tricks