Apple tree wood

(Rich Maynard) #1

Is this sort of thing any good for turning, or shall I just burn it?


(Tom Newsom) #2

“excellent for turning” apparently
shrinks and moves a lot while drying

(joeatkin2) #3

That looks fantastic

(Beth Slater) #4

Don’t burn it!

(Beth Slater) #5

Definately good for turning

(PaulY) #6

is it a good idea to paint the ends to stop cracking?

(Beth Slater) #7

Yes good idea to seal the ends with thick paint or dissolved paraffin wax. Apple is hard so lends itself to mallet heads, cogs etc.

(Rich Maynard) #8

I’ve put four or five chunks of this under the lathe.

Please feel free to use it for training or whatever. My son has said he’d like an egg cup turned from ‘his’ apple tree if you fancy saying ‘thank you’.

(Beth Slater) #9

Great! If there is some left when I am about I’m sure I could manage an egg cup :blush:

(Andy Paine) #10

I didn’t manage to get the big stuff this weekend but I’ve also got a load of lumps of apple for turning :slight_smile:

(Andrew) #11

I’d take a dense with volume to carve if there is any still going \

its taken me a few months to see a bit how this internet thing works