Anyone seen the mac keyboards?

(Jonty Bottomley) #1

Has anyone seen the wireless mac keyboards of late?
@afshind or @kirberich any sightings in the snug?

As far as I remember there were two of these, which were swapped out due to no batteries. I uncovered a big box of batteries in a sort out of the sofa area, plus a load of basic keyboard navigation is currently compromised possibly due to a non native keyboard. It would be good to test them and reunite them with their monitor if only we could find them…

(Robert Kirberich) #2

I didn’t see any keyboards in the snug, but I was mostly looking at the wood corner.

I do have an extra wired mac keyboard lying around that I don’t need anymore, if that would help at all.

(Dermot Jones) #3

@Howard @edd? might know: there were a couple of knackered Mac keyboards around…

(Afshin Dehkordi) #4

I saw 4 keyboards, one was a Mac I think, can’t recall wireless or not. They were down the right side of the snug, tucked away I think on the top shelves where the pcs live.

(Ed Yeboah) #5

Yes they are in the snug on the shelf (against the rear wall) just before the resins and paints