Anyone planning on going to the space this Saturday 12/11?

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I don’t have shutter access yet and would like to come to the space tomorrow but there is no “host” yet. Anyone planning on going by any chance who could host and add this to the calendar :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Second pair of fingers crossed for an open space later.


Anyone with shutter access planning to be at the space in the next hour?

If not today, is anyone thinking of going tomorrow?

I’ll be going in 1-2 hours I’ll put it in the calendar. Sorry I didn’t put it earlier I didn’t know what time I was going to be there



Ben just opened up if you want to get started earlier!

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I was watching for the green tick all morning when I had more time to pop in and and good legs, to take off the clamps of my glue up which is underneath the table saw. It has six red clamps on two 11 inch pieces of pine. It has my name on it.

I would realty appreciate if someone could remove the clamps and leave piece under table saw as I don’t have great mobility today. I plan on coming back to space early on Monday.

Thank you.

Apologies, just seen this, as Andy said, here now. Likely here tomorrow from midday ish too.

Yeah i’ll take em off np


Thanks Christain.

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Hi Camille,
I’m hoping to get in tomorrow, most likely 11 - 16:00. I’ve just added a space booking