Anyone know advertising and/or online website sales? (paid)

Hey folks - as some of you know I make electronic bagpipes and sell them on a variety of channels, mainly shopify and amazon/ebay. Have done most of it myself to this point but now as we get bigger I’m looking for more help/expertise on the areas I don’t know well. Specifically looking for knowledgeable people to help with:

  1. Facebook/google ads etc - currently I make the fb ads myself, with some success, but would like to improve ROAS etc - and generally get better/bigger/faster. As an example, we can’t figure out how to get retargetting working reliably, aren’t sure what the best ad strategy is etc.

  2. Shopify Website - looking for suggestions on how to make site better - e.g how can we get more conversion %/what analytics should we do/how can I make the store better/what’s good and what isn’t?

  3. Anything else you think might increase sales/profit.

Have reasonable budget, get in touch for more info/questions. Could be paid a flat fee, a % of sales, or even monthly salary to manage it all depending on what agreed.


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Hi Callum,

I might be able to help :grinning:

I run a business specialising in marketing consultancy.

I have experience with SEO (google ads) and social media paid and non paid advertisement.

I have set up several website and worked on e-commerce websites before.

There is definitely stuff that can be done to optimise your customer experience on your website and help move them towards buying and we can also look at you social media and paid advertisement to see what we can do to streamline it and make it more effective.

I am also a jewellery maker on the side and have my own Shopify website if you want to have a look. Although it’s very basic and hasn’t been worked on in a while.

Let me know what you think :grinning:

Hi Callum,

I’ve literally just finished my second standalone Ecommerce site! Both were moved from Shopify.

What do Shopify charge these days?
Are you also locked into using their partners for a mailing list, etc.? That could harm your business.

Many people are moving away from Wix, Squarespace and Shopify to gain more control and reduce costs.

On the sales front, people buy packages.

Eg. 3 options:

  1. Bagpipes
  2. Bagpipes plus video training
  3. Bagpipes plus video training plus personal training/coaching from you

Affiliate marketing and JVs are two of the most efficient methods to increase sales.

Your network is your net worth.

Build your network, other people promoting your products or services, working with businesses who have access to your ideal customers.

Let me know if anyone wants a free consultation on SME business, websites and Ecommerce.

Kind regards