Anyone at the space today?

Anyone with shutter access in the space today? Space log not working, so it’d difficult to tell.


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@Howard @Robin_B @petra ? Any of you guys in?

I’m here

Check for the shutter and space log.

Seems to be open at the minute. I’ll be about from 7pm ish.

I might be in about 3 hours for a little bit.

Great! Thank you Jonty, thanks Petra. That link works! :-). Hopefully still open when I get there!


Thanks Howard! Ill be down in 20

Thanks Dermot. Sorted!

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Anyone at the space now? @petra @Jonty_Bottomley?


Shutter is open but my keyfob isnt working and doesnt look like anyone is in. Waiting outside currently

Hey. Thanks for replying!

that’s annoying mate.

Doubt my fob will work either in that case

If you get in, please let me know!


Message @directors re getting in if you already have shutter access.

I dont have shutter access i think. Just was up but fob didnt open door

I’d like to come down in a couple of hours too. The issue I think is the front door won’t open, even tho shutter is up

There’s a way in, message directors for it

Is anyone else coming in tonight? I would like to leave and Howard isn’t back yet.

Nevermind, speak of the devil :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, is anyone in the space today? 26/9



Could be later this afternoon?