Anyone around to help with laser cutting /engraving at the weekend?

(Marc Lupton) #1

I’ve had the induction and want to perform laser engrave some metal and cut some templates from laser grade MDF

I heard with laser engraving metal that you have to put something on the metal for it to work so I’d like to get some guidance on this. Once this is done I’d probably be ok to cut the MDF of my own

(Marc Lupton) #2

Or alternatively some when next week. Would be good to finally make something !:slight_smile:


(Petra) #3

Hi Marc,

I can assist next week…Tuesday after 1pm or Wednesday evening?

(Marc Lupton) #4


Can we do Wednesday evening?

The piece of metal i want to engrave looks exactly like this

I want to engrave this on it

And then I just have some templates to cut into MDF (laser grade)

(Petra) #5

cool. I’ll be in at around 7ish

(Marc Lupton) #6

Cool that’s perfect