Anybody about tomorrow?

Hi all. I’d like to come by tomorrow to use the workbench in the woodshop. I can’t see anybody hosting. Is it up to me to book into calendar in the hope that someone hosts? Thanks in advance for your help.

Unfortunately, you got to find somebody with Shutter Access who will host the session.

How about you requesting shutter access? You just need to post into this category and tag a couple of people you’ve met over the past couple of weeks who have shutter. Like Steve @Destom, @joeatkin2 or Mark @lewisss

For more detailed info, check this post How to get shutter access.
:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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I will do exactly that after my first in person members meeting this coming Monday. In the meantime I will brush up on procedures., been taking a lot on board, but just want to get my hands on some boards!

Tomorrow however, I will thirst to see the green tick from early in the day. Thanks again Mark.

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Anyone with shutter coming by today?

Howard was in earlier and stated to me that he may well return a bit later. Keep a keen eye out for the tick that he has returned, or contact him via discourse if you know his @ name. Hope this helps.

Thanks :+1:

I noticed that Howard is there until 1830


Brian will be here til 8:30pm

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