Any interest in a sketchup for wood working beginners class?

Hi all,
I was wondering if there would be enough interest, seeing as woodworking is fairly popular here, for a monthly class on Sketchup.
I am by no means in any way an expert on the program, but I do use it frequently for work, planning out fairly large jobs such as kitchens and wardrobes, and have found it invaluable, particularly in planning out cuts with sheet goods and even just brainstorming.
If enough people are curious to learn, or have started and would like some pointers I’d be very happy to teach a class in getting people started.



This sounds great! I’ve used Sketchup a bit for planning garden things but I’ve struggled with trying to use it for woodwork.

Happy to join!

This Sounds like an amazing idea!
I use free online version of Sketchup to model rooms when my gf asks me to move furniture around.
Would love to learn a little bit more and to become more efficient in it. Can you reuse sketchup models for cnc cut-outs?

Sounds like a good idea. Interested!

This is certainly something I would be interested in.

I’d be interested! Also keen to relearn Solidworks too if anyone is up for teaching that

Look at Fusion360, it’s a good alternative to Solidworks and you can download a hobby version to do personal projects.

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Well, I’m very happy to do this, not sure of the best way to pick a time, next week evenings suit me best.
Tuesday the 17th or Thursday the 19th, 7-9? Quick vote and I’ll try and sort it out.


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Sounds great Tom! I’ve never used anything for planning a project before so I’d be coming in pretty green.

You can do a poll in Discourse - or just pick something that suits you, but Thursdays at 7 is usually full up with Electronics night!

+1 on that - I used SolidWorks a bit over a decade ago and more recently found Fusion 360 quite easy to pick up if the parametric CAD mindset already makes sense to you.

  • Tuesday 6-8
  • Wednesday 6-8

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If more than 3 of you who said yes to Tuesday are still up for it then I’ll do it, next Tuesday the 23rd as the craft meet up is tomorrow and open evening on Wednesday.
I’ll cover the basics of what I use it for, what it’s strengths and weaknesses are and we’ll map out a few things.
If you have a laptop it would be great if you could bring that, as well as if you could make sure you have a sketup web account working beforehand (should just work with a google or facebook login).
If you have any projects in mind or ideas also bring those and we’ll have a look at using sketchup for prototyping.

Please let me know if you are intending on coming (simply liking the post is enough.)

See you soon


23rd works


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I’m keen but it seems like I probably won’t be a member in time…I’ll try and attend next time perhaps.

Next Tuesday is the 24th. If that’s the proposed date then it works for me.

24th works

The 24th is good for me as well. Looking forward to it.