Another new member :)

(Aljoscha Steffens) #1

Hey there,

My name is Aljoscha or Aljo (“jo” as in yogurt, not like John :P). I’m from Germany and came to London last May and work in the Machine Learning area. I’m interested in all sorts of stuff, including sports, outdoors, nature, sustainability, bouldering, some 3d modeling, Photoshop and of course DIY/woodworking stuff. Back in Germany I built a sensor controlled heating cupboard (with some different microcontrollers, Arduino, Bluetooth, temperature and humidity sensors) and was lucky enough to have a brother who works in carpentry, who taught me some bits and bobs of it (which resulted in a kitchen counter, a sofa and a bed. all not super beautiful, but at least still standing :stuck_out_tongue: )
I think those are the areas that I’m most interested to work in (small electric stuff + woodworking) but keen to try out new things (metalworking and 3d printing for example).
Dunno if that is something of interest, but in terms of skills (to teach) I can offer programming, Photoshop, and Cinema4d.

I’m really happy to have made it into the makerspace and I’m looking forward to meeting you all in person :slight_smile:


(Sarah Jones) #2

Hi Aljo, welcome to Makerspace!