Another lockdown project

Shaker style candle box finished at last. image|375x500


I wanted to try a wiped varnish finish and I managed to get it like glass. The sanding process is not something I enjoyed. Varnish tends to clog the paper and I was aware that I might also rub through the finish. I successfully got it smooth after a great deal of time and abrasive paper. In future I will only use varnish if it’s essential to the function ie
a coffee table, tray etc.
I cut the dovetails with a Japanese rip cut gyokucho. The blade is wider at the toe than the heel which is the opposite of what naturally helps keep clear of the shoulder line on the side you can’t see. I now know I prefer a European style dovetail saw with a slightly narrower toe. This configuration ensures that you don’t cut past the shoulder on the ![image|375x500](upload://4D

RUhbhTVG4clamMnxUGVLGQRs9.jpeg) side you can’t see.


Great work, beautiful simplicity

It’s all hand work no machines at any stage.

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