Ahoy! I'm Travis

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Hello fellow makers,

Delighted to be joining you all, and looking forward to meeting.

I’m hoping to learn a little a few skills in woodworking - having cut my teeth on various ikea modifications - and now feeling ready to tackle ‘real’ wood.

My current projects include:


  • sleek ‘library’ dividers for a book shelf


  • a custom set of drawers
  • two sets of built-in cupboards / bookshelves


  • greenhouse (base, and re-assembly of a Freecycle-d greenhouse)


  • mending the car seats

My future projects include

decorations for upcoming wedding

  • a coffee cart (for a tea urn)
  • a cake stall
  • a band stand
  • a system for suspending outdoor lights (I’m thinking simple fence posts)
  • an indoor stage
  • a grand piano shell
  • some form of light boxes…?!
  • life-size origami swans…

I hope to be able to contribute to the space too!
Looking forward to getting involved.


Hi Travis,
lots of amazing stuff you have going on.
How big sheet of paper you need to have to make life-size origami objects?

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Haha! I’m thinking I might have to make them out of wood… but it’s a good question. I may do a calculation and see whether I can figure it out!

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