Africa - COVID

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Back in the day as they say … I used to provide medical and fire cover for Alexander (what is know as a township and Sandton (a suburb) the contrast was stark and still is [ one of the poorest areas next to one of the wealthiest]

Alex or Alexander is where this is filmed

The Crisis faced at this moment is different but I suspect many of the on scene challenges are similar

This is a global issue and I feel just like a chain, the strength of your weakest link determines the ultimate strength of you as a whole


Thanks for sharing. … it is really sad.
I actually (unusually) sympathise with the soldier who delivered a whack - at least the guy moved back in.
But as the other guy said, if 6 of you live in one room, & you have to queue to get water at a communal tap or shop, self isolation isn’t a real option. Gives us an insight into how tough life is for many.
Can only hope, since symptoms vary so massively, these people and others in crowded conditions throughout the world, prove to have greater resilience to it than so far seen in Europe.