Act now if you can! By 8th May (this Friday)


My friend and his family has lived in their flat for more than 10 years and now EVERYONE IN THE BLOCK is facing potential eviction in order to redevelop the property.

The landlords of the Dorchester Court are attempting to redevelop the property, which will result in the building of penthouses on all of the block and the forced evictions of everyone renting in Dorchester Court. Attached is a link, outlining the situation, how to respond and where to send it. We only have until Friday, May 8, to file objections as they have brought the date forward unexpectedly. Objections via this route have worked before because the council could point to local public interest. I’m sorry about bothering you and asking for your help. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but you can make a real difference.

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Hi, call citizens advice they are really helpful, keep well Brian D=

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You can actually submit alternative planning applications, even for property you don’t own.

And perhaps the current corona situation could be used to delay proceedings?

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Does one need to be a Lambeth resident to object?

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no, you can live anywhere in the uk to be able to object

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It seems they have shortened the time when people can object for some reason…

Is it this grade II listed building?

yes, it is

Are there any rare species of bat, birds or anything living in the building?

That can stop developments.

Some animals have far more rights than us

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