Accessing Mac formatted ext harddrive

Hi all,

I wondered anyone can help me I’ve got a external harddrive from work, which has my work files, but the hard drive is formatted for Mac use, does any know how I can access the drive from a windows 10 laptop?

Any advice will be appreciated


You should find something suiatble from the follwoing list of programs:

unfortunately I don’t knwo of anyhting free on windows

Ah thanks Matthew, I’ve manage to find a free one, it’s not perfect but at least I got my files without having to make a trip to work

spill the beans, what it called

If it’s an old HFS+ drive, HFSExplorer is free
I think the Paragon 10-day trial is the only APFS option right now

First off it is ridiculous in this day and age that systems aren’t universal. Ranting aside, there is recovery software that can let access the drive. Some has already been mentioned, I have used Recoverit which worked amazingly well at finding lost files on messed up memory sticks, although I did have to pay for it. But honestly the easiest way is to find a Mac, offload your files and reformat your drive. Or if there is space, partition the drive and transfer stuff over. FAT32 is a universal format (most memory sticks come formatted as that), but is limited in file size. exFAT is a newer version that allows files over 4GB, but older computers may not recognize that format.
Hope that helps.