Accessing Induction Timetable problems

(Edwina Nolan) #1

Hi all, I’m a new member and looking to access the induction timetable area. I am signed in but it is not recognising me as a member. Is that because I am new/direct debit not confirmed? Cheers in advance!

(Tom Newsom) #2

Yeah, your first payment has to go through before you’re officially a member.

Make sure you’ve linked your discourse account at and then you’ll be good to go as soon as the payment clears!

And welcome :slight_smile:

(Tom Lynch) #3

Doesn’t look like your payment has been recognised on the membership system.

Do you have any permissions here:

(Edwina Nolan) #4

@tomnewsom Thanks for the quick answer!

@unknowndomain Hey, thanks for the reply. It says my membership is inactive. I am orange on my profile for direct debit. It was only set up on Wednesday night so I guess five working days and all that…?

(Tom Newsom) #5

Yep, that’ll be it. Wednesday or Thursday, you’ll be good :slight_smile:

(Tom Lynch) #6

Yeah. You need @director intervention.

(Edwina Nolan) #7

@directors Hey, can any of ye help here. My Direct Debit is still listed as pending but should have been confirmed by now? Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #8

Hi Edwina,

You set up a mandate, but not a subscription

I’ll send you a DM



(Tom Lynch) #9

Without intervention they’ll not be able to set this up themselves now the cap is on.

(Dermot Jones) #10

Yes. I’ve messaged Edwina already