A fun fact from Czech Republic

60 IT people decided(after the state said it’ll take years and 400million czk(15million gbp) to make an electronic shop to buy toll stamps) they’re gonna make it over the weekend and for free.
I sense some makerspace vibe there.

They started tonight!


Thats Agile!.. will there be supporting documentation I wonder…

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I’ll check on Monday and keep you in the loop

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So they’ve made it by 6.33pm today, the system is being tested by people making small transaction of 1-3czk ( 10-30p) www.fairznamka.cz that goes to charity atm. Seems it works fine.



If it was Italy the goverment would probably stop them because would be “illegal”

The priminister visited them and was a bit funny…we’ll see how it will go longterm

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That is pretty amazing. I wonder if the powers that be reciprocate and grow the people power, or respond negatively…

The longer term outcome will be interesting too…

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I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Which is apt because I was literally just thinking how to most people the internal parts which make up the inside of their computer are an unknown. I suspect I would glean more from a conversation in Ancient Greek.
I am open to an explanation of the fun bit?

At least in common law jurisdictions, we have lawful to fall back on. That’s if you’re a man/woman fact, as opposed to a fictional corporate legal person(ality)

I’m not sure I follow what is so baffling about finding interesting that a group of people doing a state commissioned job (originally for millions of czk) for free and over the weekend.

I don’t follow any of your points.


It just shows the amount of bureaucracy and time/money involved when a official body is trying to achieve something what when the right minds come together seems so simple (as in less of the above mentioned) and straight forward. :grinning:

These kind of operations should be used so much more. It’s unbelievable, the amount of untapped resources we have and not use to its full potential.

That’s why we need hacker spaces and maker spaces :+1:


Looks like a Government |Minister was sacked over this!
Chris Grayling watch out…

There you go. Clearly explained. Now I just need to know what a toll something or other is and I will be fully briefed. Thanks

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