3dtechs area cleanup

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(laurent_muchacho) #1

To Whom It May Interest.

I’m planning to do a tidy up session on Tuesday 10/07/2018 of the 3dtechs area view picture of the area I’m talking about.

Why: there is a 3d printer group build being prepared and @3dtechs need to use the area in relation to that project. and it’s a mess so at one point someone need to take action.

So there is a bunch of stuff on the top shelves that will be moved either to the snug or the don’t what to do boxes.

  • There is a bunch of filament if there is a name on it I will contact you otherwise it will become 3dtechs property.
  • From a quick look Dermot printer is ok and he told me he got plan for it.

After there is a bunch of none 3dtechs items

  • ubuntu laptop ? -> snug
  • bicycle helmet ? -> give away box
  • a couple of corrosive material that we most likely not allowed to use/store in the space ? -> bin
  • some sort of router/mill ? -> snug
  • that beige thing ? -> snug
  • clock ? -> snug
  • some yellow ink with @electronoob name on it ? -> ?
  • boxes of stuff that I will go through and make executive decision about it

Please pick your stuff if any of it it’s yours. Many thanks in advance.

(Dermot Jones) #2

The ThinkPad is the Space’s, and is useful… which reminds me: we need to buy a battery for it

(electrotech) #3

mill is mine

(Dermot Jones) #4

Slight side note: maybe a small sign or label is needed to indicate that the 3d printer(s) need an induction by a @3dtechs before use?

(RobertL) #5

There’s also some inspirational examples of what’s possible, which I assume will still have a home?

(Dermot Jones) #6

This is a ‘nice to have’ by every tool

(laurent_muchacho) #7

A month and a half later I was able to do the clean up yesterday.

The good news is that we found back the 3d doodler under a thick layer of dust :slight_smile:

Many things including a nasty plastic bag containing swimming pool towel and other things went to the bin as warned previously.

NOTE: There is a box filled with batteries (including many damaged lipo) this is a fire hazard in my opinion and we should treat batteries recycling a bit more seriously.

Some other stuff were moved:

  • many tools relocated to the metal workshop
  • the snug
  • a bunch of stuff where left on the main table (FYI: @Jonty_Bottomley a few things had your name on it)

Warning: anything stored on the shelf will be either thrown out or moved to the snug (except for the material to the 3d printer group build)

(unknowndomain) #8

The damaged LIPO batteries were fished out of the battery recycling box some time ago, the battery recycling box very specifically says no lithium rechargeable batteries, but yet an entire box of them was fished out, god knows how many are there now.

Anyway, please don’t put them back in that box, instead we need the @directors to arrange a WEEE collection service as we’re definitely not complying right now, and it seems pointless to try and be green then throw electrical products into landfill.

(Calum Nicoll) #9

Just to clarify by damaged - what do folk mean? I.e is it just that someone’s opened up some laptop batteries and left the bare cells in the box - or is it more like someone’s actively damaged/punctured the cells? Cheers

(laurent_muchacho) #10

They looked damaged at first sight. The one I was the most worried about is a bunch of large flat lipo that look like they came from tablet or maybe laptop and seems pretty bashed up.
Also in there was some what look like 18650 cells bare cells in the box.

Doesn’t seems to be the case but hard to say

(Mark Johnson) #11

This needs to go to the three/six week bins , not thrown out!

(laurent_muchacho) #12

Sure what Mark said!

(Dermot Jones) #13

The components for the Prusa build are all on the shelf

(Pete Hellyer) #14

if you’re still in the space, would you mind taking a quick pick of the alu bits? ta!

(Dermot Jones) #15

Dropped them off yesterday!

(laurent_muchacho) #16

Reviving that thread in light of recent change.

Yesterday I did a bit of tidy up and work in progress.

  • overall clean up and hoovering (cleaning fyi the hoover do reach under the shelve)
  • fitted a power multi socket (still tidying up all the cable)
  • fitted a network hub allowing more device to have network access from this workstation and reconnected the 2d printer.
  • more info about the new printer coming soon