3D workshops - shutter and large screen

(RobertL) #1

Hi Everyone,

Is there any way to find out if anyone with shutter access will be in this Thursday morning 3rd May? Preferably 9am but later is fine.

Also, is there a booking system to use a large display for presentations/workshops?

Thanks in advance

(Dermot Jones) #2

You just need to ask around, there’s no formal system

There’s also no booking system for the screen/projector: it’s for all of us to use

However: if you’re planning to take over a workshop area for a period you need to check that others are okay with this, and give as much warning as possible

Running a workshop at 9 am is unlikely to cause much disruption…

(RobertL) #3

Thanks for the prompt response.

I don’t need any workshop space, unless the desk in the main area is considered workshop space?

Perhaps this is late notice? but I’ve organised a workshop for Thursday evening May 3rd at 7pm. It’s only 3 or 4 people. We can go anywhere really, even the pub, but it would be good to have a large screen (20inch+) and desk space for laptops.

Thursday morning will just be one person I think. Again anywhere is fine

(Rich Maynard) #4

Thursday evening would be Electronics Night…

(RobertL) #5

Oops, do you think I should rearrange it?

Are there any evenings when it wouldn’t be a problem?

(Rich Maynard) #6

@electrotechs ?

(Andrea Campanella) #7

@robertL , sorry but you choose a bad night, there is going to be a meeting of the EMFCamp attendee as well from 18.30 today, the clean room will be quiet busy…

(RobertL) #8

I’ve postponed it. Can you suggest a quiet evening?