3d printing induction - when works for you?

I would like to get a better feel for what times inductions would work best for people. If you could comment underneath with you’re preferred times/days and I can post some days to see when most are available.

  1. @simonjw
  2. @Jarred_Durling
  3. @jacobkrakowianadams
  4. @slimshelly
  5. @a_gonzalez
  6. @edwin
  7. @mplaza
  8. @nejra
  9. @Dougie.martin
  10. @Laura_Barlow
  11. @esta

For those who are new to 3D CAD entirely.

  1. @jamie_scuffell x
  2. @DAC17 x
  3. @Pau x
  4. @Pav
  5. @helder_rf
  6. @ben_mahon
  7. @lauramess
  8. @Sebastian_Carroll
  9. @leila
  10. @Christian
  11. @dazmcg
  12. @joschmaltz
  13. @HelenM
  14. @fernsan
  15. @Pei-Chi_Lee
  16. @jonfaulkner
  17. @Maciej
  18. @david.shenoda
  19. @Beccaartist
  20. @Laura_Barlow

Weekdays after about 7pm work best for me.

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weeknights after 7pm works for me too

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Weekdays after 7pm except Friday or weekend mornings

Can I please be added to the list for people who are entirely new to 3D cad please

Weeknights after 7pm work for me too, with some forward notice especially.

Certain weeknights after 7pm or daytime on the weekends!

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