3D printing a miniature for D&D, any advice?

(Hannah Tucker) #1

I’d like to print a mini for my D&D, could anyone recommend what material I should go for or where I can get the material from?

(laurent_muchacho) #2

Hi Hannah, can you post a picture and rough details about dimensions of the miniatures?

(Hannah Tucker) #3

Like this :slight_smile: (not necessarily final design but close enough!)

(electrotech) #4

I’m not 100% but I’m mostly sure that this YouTube channel provides great related information.

I watched some vids a while ago and learned some things which were relevant.

Obviously laurant is the go to guy as he really knows his stuff, but I figure in the meantime may be worth a look.

(Tris Oaten) #5

Heroforge is amazing!

(Louis) #6

Sla or sls printing would be better suited to this task than an FDM printer like our Ultimaker. What printers do you have access to?

(Hannah Tucker) #7

I don’t have access to any other printer, but I think I’m just going to buy it direct from hero forge! It was just something I thought I could try out on the printer but I decided it’s not really a good test project. I also wondered if it would work out cheaper but I also doubt that :slight_smile: thanks for everyone’s advice!

(Andrea Campanella) #8

What about the davinci ? Do we have resin ?

(David Santoro) #9

We have an SLA printer at the space?

(Andrea Campanella) #10

A davinci one, quiet old , pinging @3dtechs in …

(laurent_muchacho) #11

@tala703 If you send me the files I can try to print them on an SLA printer ( fyi I will not be available from Saturday for 10 days)

@soulnafein & @emuboy In regard to resin printer The space currently as 3 resin printer 1 davincy xyz nobel currently going through maintenance and evaluation and 2 Formlabs form 1+ (however one of them do not print succesfully). As discussed and agreed during the last member meetings we will sell those 3 printers asap and buy an Anycubic photon LCD resin printer hopefully will come to a compromise into where this will leave in space as it’s been agreed that resin printer will not be located on the current 3D printer workstation.

(Hannah Tucker) #12

Thanks for the offer @laurent_muchacho ! I will try and pm you later today :slight_smile:

(Andrea Campanella) #13

Weird , I never saw the formilabs , prusa apparently it’s about to release an SLA using a display as well…

(laurent_muchacho) #14

Not weird, following the unorganised approach (my view) around the current resin printer (removed from the space for assessment and usability as well ). We did things differently this time.

To avoid highjacking this post with that conversation I’ll get in details in a separate post. “ASAP”