3D Printing a little bucket Sat 10/08/19

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Hey finishing my bucket using the 3D printer

Hey Johan,

Is it your print that is printing now - The blue round thing? Are you coming back to the space? I’m going to leave in about an hour and it says there is 9 hours to go, you cannot leave a print running overnight unfortunately.


I really really don’t want to turn it off! But I cannot leave it on with no one here…

This issue prompts a question:
Is it possible to pause a print or print in multiple parts?

From https://www.reddit.com/r/Reprap/comments/a276hq/pausing_a_3d_print_turning_off_the_machine/

“You can safely pause at any layer change or infill section. Record the Z height before powering down. When you’re ready to print again, you can edit the gcode to include XY homing, but not Z (instead you tell the printer what z it is at, from your recorded height, using <G92 Z#.##> ). Remove all the layers that completed, and you have yourself a “new” print t that finishes the previous.”

I’d love to try that. I’ve got some prints to do and I’m happy to be a guinea-pig?

It would certainly solve the problem of the last key holder wanting to leave when someone’s in the middle of a lengthy print.