30/3 2021 lasercutter out of order SOLVED

Dear @lasers,

We are sorry to break to you the laser cutter is out of order until further notice.

It is in need of a repair and time scale is being estimated
We will try our best to fix it ASAP.

The x-axis belt was burnt almost through, preliminary investigation shows it could have happened by linear cut/engrave producing a massive flame along the cut line or cutting/engraving a point that must have lasted a fairly long time somewhere around 20th cm on the x-axis.

If you recognize it could have been you as you had some unusual encounter with the lasercutter, please let us know what happened which could speed up the fixing process too.

Kind regards,


I can see @howard and @Kuniko booked for messy room this week, if you intended to use the lasercutter, see the text above…

Hey @petra, it sounds like this will be a relatively straightforward problem to fix if it’s just the belt that’s gone (once you get the replacement, etc)… but if you need any help at all, I’ve got lots of experience building and repairing similar lasers and other CNC machines and I’d love to help out - only if you need/want some help, though. [I have a slight ulterior motive to offer my assistance: I’m particularly keen to know what kind of components they use to get such incredible head speeds.]


Hi @petra What am I missing, I thought the space was 100% closed, are we able to book time now? Thanks!!!

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Hey Tom,
please DM @lasertechs.


Hi Andy,

Space has been open over lockdon to those who whether need to fix their house appliance, making something that helps people dealing with covid or their livelihood was impacted and use of the space would help them go through the lockdown… I think the discourse banner says it.

Ok! Right! But not just for hobbies- Thanks!

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Thank you @petra for letting me know.

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I was just wondering if we had any update on the condition of the laser cutter yet?

@lasertechs any updates?

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Thank you @lasertechs for getting everything back and working again!