2 Free MIG Induction Slots Tomorrow, January 21st

We have capacity for lots more folks to get inducted on MIG tomorrow even after cancelling the 3pm:

10am 1 spot
12:30pm 1 spot
5:30pm 0 spots

If you’re able to have an hour or so to do the prep work ahead of time, please comment there! It is first come, first serve.

@Arnold_Kekesi feel free comment on the thread for the session you prefer

@charles @C8lin @roryhutcheson you have all signed up for MIG since the inductions got posted, feel free to jump on one

Would like to join for the 12:30 session please

Have been dragged into work alas tomorrow other I would! If at all humanely possible, can a wood working one be done? Signed up to SLMS really just to do that and coming onto three months now waiting.

Thank you for reaching out

= )

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Hi Rory,

Sorry to hear that. I’m not an inductor in the woodshop. You may be able to reach out to @woodtechs to see what they’re planning

Thanks Kyle! See you at another induction

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I’d love to take one of the 12:30 slots please