18mm MDF


I’m in need of a bit of 18mm MDF 63cm x 36cm

As it’s such a small piece, seems silly to buy a sheet or half sheet and have so much wastage.

Anyone have any offcuts knocking about which may suit my needs? Will happily chuck a fiver their way for it.


Does it have to be fresh and clean? I might have some lying around, but most scrap that’s I’ve got lying around has some markings or paint or similar things on it. I can check this weekend though!

Marked would be fine. It’s going to be primed and painted. It’s for a pull-out keyboard shelf, so doesn’t have to be too pretty.

That’s be amazing though if you have a suitable offcut. Cheers mate :+1:

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Just fyi in case you can’t find any cutoffs, I’ve used this site before for avoiding having to buy full sheets: https://www.woodsheets.com/mdf-sheet-cut-to-size/

(It’d still cost you 20 pounds though because of the delivery charge. )

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Thanks for the heads up.

The brackets have just arrived and are bigger than described. Will need 25mm MDF now :see_no_evil:

May have to just grab half a sheet and get it cut on site or use the space or my skill saw and a straight edge!