17 September 2020 it's electronics night : OFFLINE EDITION! :D

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Alright, alright, it’s true, @Dermot roped me in last week to make an experimental offline edition of the electronics night outside the space, we will be sitting outside respecting social distancing and possibly working on different projects!

I may broadcast this as well!

let’s say 19.30 from there!


Hi Andrea,

I would like to attend, but I am still on the waiting list to become a member. Would that be ok?



This sounds great! I’m not free, but if there is a repeat, I will defo try to be there!


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I have a couple of things to solder, if I hassle all parts by Thursday I will join! (if weather permits of course)


This is tonight !

I am going to test my bicycle this eve, so not coming but excited about the offline meet ups. One day…

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We’d need your contact details for track and trace

Otherwise the protocols would be the same for you as a member: social distance of 2m to be maintained, which effectively means one person at the end of each of the benches

If you need to go inside (for the toilet) you need to wear a non-valved mask and follow COVID-hygiene…which everyone should be used to by now

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Hi Dermot,

Understood. I sent you a PM with my details for track and trace :wink:



Received! All good to go!

are you going to be there?

I’ll come along and help set up…and do any on the spot risk assessing/management (power cables etc)


Will try and pop past, want to look at a couple of the tool control bits as well !


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That was a fun night – thanks for organising it @emuboy…was just like having old time SLMS back again…but outside (and masked when less than 2m apart)

@Ty_design and @Julia_F took some photos

Was a bit chilly and dark but we found and fixed up some old site halogen lamps and a heater and with that it was all good

There was electronics, chat, fixing, @Courty working on tool control, mini bike and electric scooter maintenance area too – personal thanks to @Edd and @Ty_design for the re-education around bike mechanics!

And nice to meet you @gstorto (who also got the halogen lights working!)

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It was really good (if not a little surreal doing electronics in the great outdoors, not done that in a while !)

Many Thanks @emuboy and @Dermot for setting it up.

I would highly recommend this to any of the groups. the ‘New’ outside area is superb… bring a jumper though…



And @Julia_F came early for the setting up too!


We had a great time indeed!
Took some time to set up but hopefully we can get it more permanent on the weekend.

@Courty and @Dermot were very helpful explaining the ins and outs of lithium batteries

Who knew? These are the same batteries that power Tesla cars!


which phone is that? Makes great night pictures


IPhone XR but then lighting was very strong :slight_smile: and the picture of courty is in portrait mode which give it a narrow focus.


The outdoor workshop now has a roof

It could do with some LED strip lighting…

Is electronics night (on) offline again this week?