16th of May , Electronic night tonight!

(Andrea Campanella) #1

Join us at the electronics night tonight !

Bring your project or come to talk about your favourite Hobbit…no wait… hobby!

(Doug Hammond) #2

I’ll be there! I have some lasering and PCB design to finish :slight_smile:

edit: oh, the laser is booked out, but I’ll still come by for a bit.

(David Santoro) #3

I’ll be there too, I’m going to figure out how to get sound from a small mic and split it in 3 frequency bands and turn on leds accordingly.

(Andrea Campanella) #4

nice, I’m building a VU meter and I’m trying to figure out the same, perhaps we can talk about it :slight_smile:

(Doug Hammond) #5

filter circuits are pretty straightforward, I’ve built a few before :slight_smile:

(Andrea Campanella) #6

fft ftw.

(Alessio Morale) #7

I’m on my way:)

(electrotech) #8

I’ll be in eventually. :smiley:

(David Santoro) #9

Thanks to everyone that helped me fix my mic + amplifier circuit. What I’ve learned: read the schematic properly and check…