14th of January it's electronic night!

You know the drill,

See you in discord at 19.30


Where is pose the question…

“What does it mean when you hear ambient room sounds coming from the mic in your webcam module?”

Sounds like paranoia, except I recorded some of it

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I used to her taxi transmissions on the speaker of my BBC Micro sometimes. Freaked me out when up at 3am typing college essays…

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I remember when my walkie talkie were piciking up lorry drivers radios when I was young…

Tonight we will have a tinfoil hat tutorial, how to fold it, how to use it.


We had a tinfoil hat making competition at the Space once…it was a lot of fun!

I don’t know who would be broadcasting sounds of drinking through a straw, doors closing, shuffling around and burping…possibly Pirate ASMR Radio?