[07/03/2019] It's Thursday electronic night!

(Andrea Campanella) #1

Join us tonight after 19.00 to talk about electronics, show us your project or do terrible things engineers hate,
like being social and share knowledge.

And plan the Arduino Day.

(Henry Cooke) #2

Nice to meet you all tonight!

I managed to get a cheap weird GSM module talking to a Raspberry Pi - simple enough, but haven’t been able to make the time for it for months. Hooray for Makerspace membership!

(David Santoro) #3

I’ve used an oscilloscope for the first time, created and analysed a working oscillator, failed at using the lm386 amplifier. The electronics benches are so messy though! I’ll tidy up as I get more familiar with the space.

@emuboy Also it was [07/03/2019]