Storage 11th Feb [Storage] (2)
A bag of wood in the snug with two tins of epoxy resin [Storage] (1)
Monster mould for a cosplay project going to science of the timelords [Storage] (2)
2 Plastic Storage Boxes for a new interactive installation [Storage] (3)
New Membership [Admin] (3)
Storage request - bagpipe materials [Storage] (1)
Storage request - enigma machines [Storage] (2)
Lasercutter back in action [Admin] (1)
Plastic storage box with parts for a new interactive installation [Storage] (3)
2 wooden boxes glue up [Storage] (2)
Various plastics for laser cutting [Storage] (2)
A new little monster sculpt (not the ordinary child type) [Storage] (1)
Change direct debit bank account [Admin] (3)
New monster scuplt overnight storage request please [Storage] (1)
Paint drying overnight on Buster Sword [Storage] (1)
Discourse email [Admin] (5)
Fob access (kiosk not working) [Admin] (12)
Cardboard [Storage] (1)
Stool tripod [Storage] (1)
Filming on Sunday 15/07/18 between 10am - 12pm [Admin] (6)
Woodshop Router Induction/Use [Admin] (12)
Request for Interview [Admin] (3)
Mould overnight drying time [Storage] (1)
Storage request: Sewing machine and it's supporting table [Storage] (1)
Storage request - giant Lazy Susan [Storage] (1)
Membership question [Admin] (5)
Woodworking - Router [Admin] (5)
Storage request: big sports direct bag [Storage] (1)
3D workshops - shutter and large screen [Admin] (8)
Membership direct debit not taken [Admin] (2)