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Storage request - items for BFE Lantern lighting (2)
Storage 25mm MDF 1150x620 until 24/25 Feb (2)
Bike storage during maintenance (1)
Storage request glass jar in snug (1)
Storage request two logs (1)
[REMOVED] Storage request mini workbench parts (2)
Storage request 24 strips of ash (3)
Storage Request - denim and clothes for repair (1)
Wood plank storage (5)
[OVERDUE] Storage request: cupboard parts (1)
[REMOVED] Small bag storage (1)
[OVERDUE] Storing aluminum for case making (1)
[OVERDUE] Storage in metal working area (1)
[REMOVED] Storage request: Green wheelie bin, on offer to the space for a week (4)
[REMOVED] UPDATED Storage Request @DAC17 24/12/17 (3)
Storage request updated *cut and removed from snug* (1)
Storage request: one 8 x 4 sheet of 18mm birch ply * Now cut and removed from snug* (1)
Storage request: bag of tools for renovation - HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED (by me) (1)
Update: 'hotbox' for Norwood Road sign project and screen print drying/curing (3)
Storage request - 2 yew logs (2)
Leaving bag overnight (1)
Steel tube for Norwood Road sign project (3)
Some 4mm exterior Birch ply - for Norwood Road sign project (2)
Small pile of MDF (1)
Fairing Storage request (3)
Storage request - Skateboard sized skateboard deck (1)
Storage of sheet and timber for a bed frame (1)
Storage request - desk project (3)
Storage Request - raft materials (1)
Storage Request - some ply (7)